The Great Blind Degree - Richie Havens

The Great Blind Degree - Richie Havens


Compassion through a different lens.

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Brooklyn native Richie Havens created a lane for his music in a way that was almost simply a matter of chance. His bluesy folk-rock style of singing and guitar playing made him a perfect fit for the era of experimental rock in the 1960s. He had a breakout performance at Woodstock in 1969 that quickly took his name and music far and wide, and Havens only ascended from that point forward. The Great Blind Degree is not only Richie’s eighth album but, it’s also the name of the eighth chapter of a book he wrote and published not too long after this album’s release. With a focus on human connectedness and a desire for belonging, songs like “Fire & Rain” and “Teach Your Children” express a deep love for others through the words of others. Havens went on to record several more albums and toured consistently until falling ill and later passing away in 2013. An unsung leader in the folk rock arena but one that certainly belongs in your collection.

This LP is a part of The Phyllis Collection and is in near-mint (NM) condition with the sleeve being in very good (VG) condition.


Side A

  1. What About Me

  2. Fire & Rain

  3. See Me, Feel Me

  4. In These Flames

Side B

  1. Think About The Children

  2. Fathers & Sons

  3. Teach Your Children

  4. What Have We Done