The Iceberg - Oddisee

The Iceberg - Oddisee


There’s always more than what you see.

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The DMV producer/rapper Oddisee has been putting out consistently solid music for some years now and is truly getting better with each release. He alternates between instrumental and rap albums and The Iceberg is a concise, stellar rap follow up to The Odd Tape. Tackling everything from falling in and out of love with Hip-Hop to earliest memories of xenophobia from childhood friends, Oddisee takes what are normally very heavy topics and weaves the listener around them with ease and deftness. While most would consider Oddisse the "thinking person's artist," he'd likely push back at that. His goal is to get everyone thinking, even as you vibe out to some very chill, Go-Go influenced tracks underneath. 


Side A

  1. Diggin Deep

  2. Things

  3. Built By Pictures

  4. Hold It Back

  5. You Grew Up

  6. NNGE feat. Toine)

Side B

  1. Like Really

  2. Want To Be

  3. This Girl I Know

  4. Waiting Outside

  5. Rain Dance

  6. Rights & Wrongs (feat. – Olivier St. Louis)