The Listening - Little Brother

The Listening - Little Brother

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Little Brother, hands down, is one of the best hip-hop groups that we never got to see live into their fullest potential. Falling right in between the decline of CDs but just before the height of the blog era, Little Brother carved out a lane in hip-hop that fans had been yearning for amidst snap-rap and tall-tees. They were down-to-earth, funny, and had some of the best soul-sampled beats from the trio’s producer, 9th Wonder. Each of them have gone on their separate paths but, albums like The Listening show just how great they were as a unit as well. With 9th in boomiest of bap moods across the LP, songs like “The Yo-Yo” and “So Fabulous” show what flawless back and forth bars could sound like post-late 80s/early 90’s hip-hop. It was glorious back in 2002 and still is today.

This limited edition 2xLP is pressed on white vinyl and belongs in you collection. Like, yesterday.


LP 1

Side A

  1. Morning

  2. For You

  3. Speed

  4. Whatever You Say

  5. Make Me Hot (Interlude)

Side B

  1. The Yo-Yo

  2. Shorty On The Lookout

  3. Love Joint Revisited

Side C

  1. So Fabulous

  2. The Way You Do It

  3. Roy Lee, Producer Extraordinaire (Interlude)

  4. Away From Me

Side D

  1. Nobody But You

  2. Home

  3. Nighttime Maneuvers

  4. The Listening