The Minstrel Show - Little Brother

The Minstrel Show - Little Brother


Still lovin’ it.

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2005 was the golden era (and only era?) of snap rap. Every tall-tee wearing “urban” act that could weasel a simple song with accompanying dance onto the radio did just that. Ringtone revenue was too good to pass up and the only commercial alternative was 50 Cent.. And the Lyricist Lounge-types weren’t seeing a whole lot of love in light of this. And then comes back Little Brother. After the success of their debut album, The Listening, their follow up now had the pressure of most any other act in music…sophomore slump or triumph? In a hip-hop era that left little-to-no room for a group like Little Brother to thrive, The Minstrel Show was indeed a successful (and hilarious) follow up that helped solidify their space in the hip-hop arena. It mad the listener think and groove to that now classic 9th Wonder production. A healthy critique of the state of hip-hop at that time that didn’t alienate and still stands today as one of the most complete projects from that time.


LP 1

Side A

  1. Welcome To The Minstrel Show

  2. Beautiful Morning

  3. The Becoming

  4. Not Enough

  5. Cheatin'

Side B

  1. Hiding Place (feat. Elzhi)

  2. Slow It Down

  3. Say It Again

  4. 5th And Fashion (Skit)

LP 2

Side C

  1. Lovin' It (feat. Joe Scudda)

  2. Diary Of A Mad Black Daddy (Skit)

  3. All For You

  4. Watch Me

Side D

  1. Sincerely Yours

  2. Still Lives Through

  3. Minstrel Show Closing Theme

  4. We Got Now (feat.– Chaundon)