The Switch - Emily King

The Switch - Emily King


Definition of a statement piece.

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Emily King’s music career, at times, has seemed to be an uphill (both ways) battle. The Def Jam experiment didn’t quite pan out in the early 2000’s but she didn’t let that deter her dreams. King built a solid fan base and did what anyone in her position was supposed to do-just kept working. Her consistent touring, recording, and growing bore some good fruit in the 2015 culmination, The Switch. One of the crowd-pleasing singles, “Distance” had been out for a good while before the album made its way to the world but that didn’t hurt the project one bit. Emily’s energetic and soulful voice connected with her base and beyond in a way that solidified and validated her in the music industry-things that were long overdue given her skill level. This album was originally released in a very, very limited run and is still darn near impossible to find today. Finally, Emily’s decided to bless us with a reissue! If you snoozed on the first pressing, make up for it today.


Side A

  1. Good Friend

  2. The Animals

  3. Sleepwalker

  4. Already There

  5. The Switch

  6. Aya

Side B

  1. Distance

  2. Out of the Clouds

  3. Off Center

  4. Believer

  5. For Them