The Velvet Rope - Janet Jackson

The Velvet Rope - Janet Jackson


Janet in full control.

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The Velvet Rope is one of Janet’s most celebrated albums but, it was also one of the hardest for her to create. Without getting all into it, Janet was going through a lot of personal issues that affected her ability to even show up to studio sessions at times. Still, she found a way to not just push through, but also push Pop music beyond whatever box even her most ardent fans expected her to stay within. This album is unapologetically more explicit with regard to Janet’s expressions of sexual desire. Connected to that, she found ways to push listeners to critique their sexism and homophobia through songs like “My Need” and “Free Xone.” 1997 definitely brought us a much different Janet Jackson sound and artist but, it opened the door for so many behind her across genres to explore these themes and still see commercial success while doing so. While her personal struggles made the process more difficult than anyone would wish on Janet, they also yielded one of the strongest, most successful albums of the 1990s.


LP 1

Side A

  1. Interlude - Twisted Elegance

  2. Velvet Rope

  3. You

  4. Got ‘Til It’s Gone

  5. Interlude - Speaker Phone

  6. My Need

Side B

  1. Interlude - Fasten Your Seatbelts

  2. Go Deep

  3. Free Xone

  4. Interlude - Memory

  5. Together Again

  6. Interlude - Online

LP 2

Side C

  1. Empty

  2. Interlude - Full

  3. What About

  4. Every Time

  5. Tonight’s The Night

Side D

  1. I Get Lonely

  2. Rope Burn

  3. Anything

  4. Interlude - Special