Thina - Seba Kaapstad

Thina - Seba Kaapstad


All about fusion execution.

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At the risk of painting with too broad a brush stroke, on the whole, Europeans traveling to African nations and communities has usually only worked out well for one of those parties. While the history of the African continent is replete with examples of outside conquest (as well as internal) and theft of culture, there is also the antithesis at work. The half African (Swaziland and South Africa) and half German group Seva Kaapstad formed over a series of jam sessions in South Africa and is making lots of noise. Very, very good noise. Thina, the group’s sophomore album, is a fusion of soul, hip-hop, and traditional African-rooted sonics that pump out some of the best new music for 2019. 


Side A

  1. Thina

  2. Africa

  3. Billionaire

  4. Don’t

  5. Heckman

  6. Dezaster

Side B

  1. Playground

  2. Welcome

  3. Breathe

  4. Love!

  5. Rfre

  6. Bye