tubman. - avery r. young

tubman. - avery r. young


Speaking to your soul.

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Some people are gifted at more than one artistic expression. Others, many. Few can do each of them well at once though. When an artist like that comes around, it should be required that those present stop for at least 10 minutes just to take it in. avery r. young is one such gifted artist and, today, you’re going to give him the 10 minutes! Whether it’s singing (seriously, go see him live if you haven’t), his poetry, or even sitting in on a workshop of his, young has a voice and command over language that finds a way to speak to the soul, even if you’re not his intended audience. tubman., in many ways, is the best, succinct example of what young shines at-taking sounds across time periods of the African diaspora and making the best gumbo of them. It’s funk, soul, folk, gospel, and likely some other genre that doesn’t exist yet all seamlessly rolled into one. It’s Mississippi Delta. It’s Senegal. And it’s south side of Chicago. And it’s an essential addition to your collection.


Side A

  1. sit down job (mudda mary)

  2. ms. lee’s good food

  3. com(b)

  4. lil lillie/neckbone

  5. maasai

  6. go’head mary & weep

  7. lead in de wattah [a re-visit(id) negro spiritual] fo(r) flint

Side B

  1. tallahatchie

  2. tchala

  3. get to know a nina simone song

  4. dude [fo(r) kwaku]

  5. lady day on soul train

  6. tubman.