Una Mas - Kenny Dorham

Una Mas - Kenny Dorham


One. More. Time.

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At the time of the 1964 release of Una Mas trumpeter Kenny Dorham had been recording and releasing albums for the better part of a decade. Still, he remained somewhat under the radar, not achieving the notoriety of his Blue Note contemporaries. Not letting that deter him, Dorham took the influences of some tour time in South America and molded them into the three songs that make up Una Mas, knowing they needed to be in the world whether he was famous or not. In recent years, younger audiences have taken to his work a lot more, appreciating his ability to authentically represent different sounds and leave his imprint without making a mess of them. This reissue includes the three original songs from the 1964 release and is a part of the Blue Note 80th anniversary celebration.


Side A

  1. Una Mas (One More Time)

Side B

  1. Straight Ahead

  2. Sao Paulo