Voyager [Red Vinyl] - Moonchild

Voyager [Red Vinyl] - Moonchild


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It would take too many words to try and describe the greatness of Moonchild. So we'll just skip past that part and trust one another today. But, in that trust, Voyager is a must have for your collection! A lot of people say this album or that 45 is essential, and they might be correct. But, if Moonchild's latest LP isn't on that list, they're buggin'. Voyager is the best example to date of what the three-part band is capable of when each connects effortlessly with the others. Sure, lots of hard work went into to bringing this collection of soulful songs to life. Each member of Moonchild is a multi-instrumentalist and they've clearly spent years perfecting their skill with each tool. Songs like "Cure" and the "The List" show just what that sharpened saw sounds like: arresting lyrics, Rhodes keys that swing, and true connection to the musicians. Moonchild has sold out shows all around the world for this album's tour Dive in below to find out what everyone else already knows-you need this joint in your life!

This limited edition pressing from Tru Thoughts includes "sunset red' vinyl records.


LP 1

Side A

  1. Voyager (Intro)
  2. Cure
  3. 6 AM
  4. Every Part (For Linda)

Side B

  1. Hideaway
  2. The List
  3. Doors Closing
  4. Run Away

LP 2

Side C

  1. Think Back
  2. Now And Then
  3. Change Your Mind

Side D

  1. Show The Way
  2. Let You Go