What's the 411? - Mary J. Blige

What's the 411? - Mary J. Blige


Every auntie-status has it’s beginning.

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Over three million albums sold for Mary’s debut effort, What’s The 411?, is not at all a mistake or instance of luck. Working with some of the best producers of that era, Andre Harrell (the then CEO of Uptown Records) and Sean Combs had a formula for the label’s youngest artist that was sure to work. Take the best of new jack swing-ish production that didn’t come from Teddy Riley, inject the project with covers of previous soul hits, and add Mary’s soulful vocals on top and then, bam, out comes one of 1992’s most successful albums. Sure, she caught a lot of flack in her early days for the covers of other songs but, over time, this album set the stage for a career that proved true what Andre and Sean saw over twenty years ago-Mary had the gifts to be a star and just needed the right entry into the music industry. She’s weathered the early criticism well, selling millions more albums and enjoying a staying power afforded to few in this industry.

The limited edition version of this album is pressed on 2 records for the first time, and on orange vinyl.


LP 1

Side A

  1. Leave A Message

  2. Reminisce

  3. Real Love

Side B

  1. You Remind Me

  2. Intro Talk

  3. Sweet Thing

LP 2

Side C

  1. Love No Limit

  2. I Don’t Want To Do Anything

  3. Slow Down

Side D

  1. My Love

  2. Changes I’ve Been Going Through

  3. What’s the 411?