When I Get Home - Solange

When I Get Home - Solange


Ode to the H.

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Solange had a tall order on her hands. With the success of A Seat At The Table, how would she put forth another project that was true to who and where she is at this moment while not attempting to replicate what she already did (and now knows works well commercially)? Easy…she opted for the artist way through. When I Get Home is a left turn in a completely different direction but not so different that her core wouldn’t be able to travel with her. Still, even with that, this ode to her hometown of Houston, TX directly means that some listeners who are unfamiliar with the very specific sound or nuances of Houston will experience a little distance. The messages of Black empowerment, needing love, and self-reflection have been recurring themes in Solange’s songwriting throughout her career and they’re still present on her latest project. This time, maybe a little chopped, but never slopped.


  1. Things I Imagined

  2. 5 McGregor (Interlude

  3. Down With The Clique

  4. Way To The Show

  5. Can I Hold The Mic (Interlude)

  6. Stay Flo

  7. Dreams

  8. Nothing Without Intention (Interlude)

  9. Almeda

  10. Time (Is)

  11. My Skin My Logo

  12. We Deal With The Freak’n (Intermission)

  13. Jerrod

  14. Binz

  15. Beltway

  16. Exit Scott (Interlude)

  17. Sound Of Rain

  18. Not Screwed! (Interlude)

  19. I’m A Witness