The Future of South rhodes records

Our ultimate goal is to operate both online and in-person. In the next couple of years, we look forward to opening our first physical location in Woodlawn. We've got big plans for that space to be a record store and much more! Read below for a sneak peek into our future and the role you play in it!


Phase 1 - The web

You're experiencing it right now! Phase 1 is all about not only launching South Rhodes Records online but showing the world there's a better way to collect vinyl records. With a focus on differentiation by product quality and high-touch service, we seek to redefine the experience of collecting itself.


Phase 2 - The Avenue

In the next couple of years, South Rhodes Records will expand operations to include both an online and physical retail presence. Beyond just being a physical record store, our Woodlawn-rooted location will solve "third-space" challenges facing many major cities undergoing swift demographic change. If you'd like to learn more specifics of this phase and have interest in becoming a potential investor, then let's get in touch!


Phase 3 - The World

Music draws us together in indescribably powerful ways. We want to harness that power through our online and physical entities to enact positive change in the world around us. Employing a proprietary model, we will use the influence of music (physical and digital) to incubate entreprenurship with a mission to build stronger communities and cities.