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The South Rhodes HersTORY

The best way to encapusate our origins would be to think of South Rhodes through the following lens:  "I am because we are. And we are because she is." Like many other great origin stories, our founder, Grant Crusor, encountered a problem and didn't stop until he solved it. Long story short, he really wanted to buy Solange's A Seat At The Table album on vinyl but, come release day, he couldn't find it anywhere on Chicago's south side. He got tired of having to leave his community for music from and for his community. Cue up South Rhodes Records.

Music draws us together in ways that remind us we are all connected to one another. In addition to being a premier vinyl record retailer on Chicago's south side, we also seek to create community that gives back the the people who pour into it. With that, we wanted to choose a name that represented a core element of the Woodlawn neighborhood we were created in. South Rhodes Avenue is more than the name of a street that happens to pass through Woodlawn. It's also the street that was home to playright Lorraine Hansberry, a woman who's message and essence we seek to amplify in Woodlawn, the city of Chicago, and beyond.